Clan Fashion for RP

Clan Fashion and RPG

Portraying a clan character is as much about the acting as it is the outfit.  The first episode of DFA Legacy gave a great baseline for costuming and folks playing a Clanner should keep certain things in mind.

Clan culture is ritualistic and uniforms are a big part of that.  That said, there is only one thing the Clan truly values and that is effectiveness, so uniforms vary widely in field.

The Codex:

All warriors wear a functional and ceremonial bracelet made of metal that contains a copy of their genetic code and complete personal history.  A good equivalent is a medical bracelet with the flat portion painted in a bar code pattern using the accent colors below.

Base outfits:

Leather, suede and denim are a good baseline with black being fairly well represented among each clan.  That said each clan has certain signature colors that should be accented in the outfits to represent their Clan.

Jade Falcon: Bright jade green/black



Ghost Bear: White/royal blue



Smoke Jaguar: Shades of gray, black, dark blue



Wolf: Brown and burgundy




Typical accent items include earrings, bracelets, scarves, sashes and even undershirts or t shirts.  It’s not unusual for the Clan logo to appear on their clothing.  The most famous is the sports bra that Mechwarrior Joanna of Jade Falcon wears.  It has the Jade Flacon symbol emblazoned on the front.


Clan warriors often like to reflect their prowess in their outfits.  Mementos of big conquests are not uncommon. Some even prefer to accentuate damaged clothing or even their own scars as a way of intimidating their opponents and celebrating their skill.  These items may be an opponent’s knife, sidearm, ranger beads, kill counters or the like.

Makeup/ War Paint:

Makeup isn’t uncommon and fills both a vanity and intimidation role.  Darker colors are preferred as they reflect the overly serious tone of the Clans.  Metallic tattoos using the colors above create a good representation of the embedded neural circuitry some warriors use. (please note characters with this circuitry may suffer from dementia and hyper aggression as the circuitry has serious brain damaging effects over time)


Scars and wounds:

Warriors prefer to leave any non-disabling scars and burns alone, seeing them as totems to their own prowess and survival.  It is not uncommon to see warriors with horrific disfigurements that are mostly superficial.  Some even refuse to have eyes replaced, though that is less common.  The clans have advanced medical care and the removal of disfigurements and replacement of limbs is trivial; making the retainer of such things a purely cosmetic choice.


Clan specific items:

The Memorial Ribbon – The ribbon is a mark of shame and is worn across the chest  It is unique to Jade Falcon.  It is a wide black band and often has a photo or some token to remind the wearer of their crime.  Other Clan members will shun the wearer and may, if provoked, even turn on them.  The Ribbon is given out for a crime that is more a matter of honor that does not require a trial by combat.




Masks – Each clan member may wear a formal mask that is the image of their totem animal.


When putting your outfit together feel free to let your personality run wild within the guidelines, and for a good baseline look at the Clan outfits in DFA Legacy Episode 1 as well as just about any industrial or metal band in the late 90’s/ early aughts.