Gaming for Special Needs

This weekend a family friend approached me for some advice and help.  His family fosters, and mentors adults with special needs and various ability restrictions.  He and his family are moving to open a DTA (Day Treatment for Adults) Center and they want to create something new and special.  He wants to use the power of games to help these adults learn social skills, as well as technical skills.  He has begun investing in a tech room where the adults can play games using accessibility augmented systems.  He plans to offer everything from Xbox, to internet, to VR.  He also wants to use tabletop and roleplaying to help these adults practice social interaction and allow them to explore their own creativity.  I’ve come up with a few things, but I’m reaching out to all my friends and acquaintances in gaming to help create a list of suggested equipment, vendors and games that he can stock the place with.  Below is a survey with various categories of items so that we can categorize and provide info.  I’ll leave the survey open for a while in order to maximize results.  When the survey is complete I’ll compile and publish the results for anyone to use.  You can find the survey below.