DFA Tarot

This weekend I started a little project where I created Tarot of the Major Arcana using the Death From Above Cast.  It was a fun project but really tiring.  I knew it would spark debate about who best embodies what role, and that was half the fun.  The cards were created using a template from The Game Crafter. I’ve used them before and they make really nice cards.  Once done I found that I couldn’t stop and decide to make a whole Tarot.  I’ve uploaded every card and placed them below in once massive gallery.

I know people were giving suggestions left and right about who would be what so guess what?! You can make your own!  I’m including a link to the Photoshop template with all the art and labels so you can assign whomever you want to whatever role you want.  Please check back for an updated zip file with all the PSD docs later. I’ll have a full zip file for you to get all the images at once later.



Download the Manual