Who are you and whats all this?

I’m Sam Castro and I’m a business professional, military veteran, occasional consultant and avid tech/media/pop-culture nut.  This website is my attempt to explain who I am and what I do (or can do) for anyone interested in rustling up someone who will add serious benefit to whatever project (or dire emergency) they have going on.

So what is it you really do?

I’m a jack of all trades.  No, really.  I’ve got experience in web design, social media, publication, marketing, process management, policy development, project management, propaganda, military culture, leadership, budgeting, bidding, risk management, network design and monitoring, physical and information security, emergency management, business continuity, customer service, and contract enforcement.

That’s a lot of things.

Yes, it is; and it bloats a resume into the stratosphere when you try to convey that what you really do is solve problems and execute plans using whatever means are available.

Then why not say that?

Because problem solving and execution is a blank slate and tells people nothing about capability or value; and those things matter.

Do you really need a whole website for this, or is it just an ego thing?


So what if I want to know more?

Explore the site, download my resume or send me an email.  I’m an easy going person and if you haven’t guessed I’m flexible and a fast learner; also I’m a pretty swell communicator who spends his free time as an artist, writer, and amateur game designer.